thebandknives give Rap-Rock a face lift combining the power and grit of Post-Hardcore music with the lyrical complexity and vocal acrobatics you find in the purest form of Hip Hop.

thebandknives is a four man band: vocalist Mr. J. Medeiros, guitarists Tim Stewart and Ricky Tillo, and drummer George “Spanky” McCurdy.

Front man Mr. J. Medeiros is a top tier rapper with a flow in the Eminem/Kendrick Lamar vein and a vocal shrill reminiscent of Zach de la Rocha/ Ad-Rock. Mr. J’s subject matter is intense, poetic, sometimes political, and always thought provoking. Before turning his talents to the band,

Mr. J. Medeiros performed in a duo with French producer 20Syl under the group name AllttA, who most recently (2017) ranked TOP 5 in artists with the most festival tours in Europe and he has the stage presence to deserve it. As a performer Mr. J. moves with the energy of a prize fighter, each show as important as the last.

When not performing with Lady GaGa, guitarists Tim Stewart and Ricky Tillo plug into the band machine to create a soundscape middle finger for all genres to see. Comfortable and confident playing stadiums with the worlds most popular artists, Tim and Ricky however really get their point across in a face to face setting. Having worked with everyone from Infectious Grooves to Rihanna it’s clear they’re versatile but what you see and hear with thebandknives is the very raw power and passion that comes from loving your craft above all accolades.

thebandknives drummer George “Spanky” McCurdy is a force all his own, equally at peace in a clean suit on the cover of Modern Drummer magazine as he is behind a kit wet with sweat in a drumming fury you have to see to imagine. Many great artists have asked for his power: Kanye, Justin Timberlake, Lauryn Hill, and yep Lady GaGa too. His sound and style is unique and impossible to ignore. With thebandknives Spanky bullies his way into this “genre” taking away all frills and leaving only the spectacle of raw hard-to-attain talent.

thebandknives debut album, “KNIVES” features 10 tracks which range from straight up Punk to “avant-garde” Hip Hop and features Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies (X’s and O’s) and additional musicianship by Monte Neuble on keys (Eminem/ Rihanna keyboardist). “Boy Thursday”, brings you back to when music felt “raw” and imperfect then drags you by the hair forward to a new set of musical and lyrical standards. This is what Rap-Rock should have always sounded like.

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